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Personal Security During Vacations


         Cancel all home deliveries of mail, newspapers, milk, etc.

         Arrange to have your lawn cut and garden watered during your absence.

         Do not leave notes for the paperboy, milkman, etc which would leave close as to your absence.

         Do not advertise your plan for a vacation.

         Notify a trusted neighbour of your plans and leave a key with him or her.

         Be sure all tools and ladders are out of sight.

         Leave your drapes open. Closed drapes would conceal a burglar from view of your neighbours.

         Turn your telephone down to its lowest level as a ringing telephone is an. indication that no one is home.

         Do not pack your car the night before leaving on you vacation. Have everything ready so that you can load the car before leaving in the morning. This should be done as quickly as possible so that strangers in the neighbourhood will not have a chance to observe you and see that the home will be vacant.

         Before leaving check to ensure that all doors and windows are secured.

         Be sure that garage is locked. Garages contain tools, which would assist a burglar in break-ins. As well, once inside the garage, the thief would have. ample privacy to do his business.



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