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Every tourist who enters India must hold tourist visa issued by Indian Embassies abroad.


Validity of the Tourist Visa
The validity of the tourist visa is counted from the date of issue.  But the validity of the three months tourist visa will be counted from the date of first entry.

Registration of the Visa
Every foreigner who arrives in India on the strength of any visa having validity of more than 180 days (6 months) should register  with the nearest Foreigners Registration Officer (FRO) concerned within 14 days of arrival to India (PAKISTAN - within 24 hours of arrival, BANGLADESH - within 7 days of arrival, AFGHANISTAN - within 7 days of arrival).  After necessary verification the Foreigners Registration Officer will issue the registration certificate and residential permit to the foreigner.

Minor foreigners i.e., upto the age group of 16 years, registration is not required.

Foreigners below the age group of 18 years and above the age group of 70 are exempted from production of HIV clearance certificate.

List of Institutions recognised by Government for conducting HIV tests

         Government Medical College, Bangalore

         National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences, Bangalore

         Blood Bank, Command Hospital, Indian Air Force, Bangalore

         Blood Bank, Kidwai Institute of Oncology, Bangalore

         Blood Bank, KC General Hospital, Bangalore

         Blood Bank, NSIS Hospital, Bangalore

         Blood Bank, Medical College, Bellary

         Blood Bank, Medical College, Gulbarga

         Blood Bank, Karnataka Medical College, Hubli

         Karnataka Medical College, Mangalore

         Karnataka Medical College, Manipal

Conversion of Visa

The foreigners, who come to India on the strength of tourist visa are not eligible to convert the tourist visa into any other type of visa, and not eligible to engage in any other activities other than tourism.

Extension of stay for tourist
The copy of the residential permit is to be enclosed. Reason for extension should be mentioned in detail.

Departure from India

If the registration documents issued by the Foreigners Registration Officer to the foreigner are valid, he/she can leave India simply on production of the confirmed ticket to the check post authorities concerned (after surrendering the registration document at the check post).

Study of Yoga or Meditation

Several foreigners are coming to India with tourist visas usually seek admission for studying yoga and meditation.  But as per the prevailing norms they should hold proper student visa for studying yoga meditation etc. and their venue of study should be clearly recorded on the side of the visa stamp.  Normally change of institution is not permitted.

Loss of Passport

If the passport of the foreigners is lost he should report to the concerned Police Station having jurisdiction to make entry of your report and obtain a copy of the same. Further course of action by the sufferer should be taken as per the directions of the passport officer.

Shifting of Residence

At the time of  registration of visa the foreigner should furnish his address in India which is known as his registered address.  Whenever, the foreigner shifts his residence he should immediately intimate the same to Foreigners Registration Officer. Based on the enquiry report his registration documents will be forwarded to the new Foreigners Registration Officer.

Reporting of Occupation of House

If a foreign tourist is occupying house on a rental basis the house owner is obliged to report the details to the police authorities concerned within 24 hours of occupation.  The foreigner should ensure that the house owner has intimated the same to the police authorities.
All foreigners are requested to abide by the above rules and violations make them liable for prosecution besides deportation.

Movement of Foreigners in India

         If at any time a foreigner proposes to be absent from his registered address for a continuous period of 8 weeks or more, or changes his registered address in the district of registration or is finally departing from India he shall inform the Foreigners Registration Officer of his probable date of return in person or through an authorised representative or by registered post.

         Every foreigner who stays for a period of more than 8 weeks at a place, other than the district in which he is registered shall inform the Foreigners Registration Officer of the new district of his presence.

         When a foreigner changes his registered address to any district other than the one where he is registered, he shall give a letter to the Foreigners Registration Officer of the place of his registration, either in person or through an authorised representative or through registered post.

         Foreigners who visit their native country during the period of Valid Residential Permit will be given "Return Visa" endorsement by the State Registration Officer.  Return Visa is issued for a period of 90 days or less to those who have valid residential permits.  They should return to India within the validity of return visa.  Those who overstay the Return Visa period of 90 days will have to come to India on a fresh visa and such a case will be treated as a new arrival.  The foreigner has to undergo Registration formalities afresh.

         A foreigner staying in a hotel shall furnish the required particulars necessary for recording his arrival and sign in the hotel register stating his name, nationality, date of arrival, duration of stay, passport and Residential Permit particulars in form "C".

         Foreigners are prohibited from entering prohibited and protected areas as notified by the Government.  Any violation of this will render a foreigner liable for prosecution.

Exit from India
A foreigner who leaves India by sea or air is required to report his intended departure to the Foreigners Registration Officer (FRO) of the District and shall surrender his certificate of Registration either to the Registration Office of the place where he is registered or the place from where he intends to depart or the immigration officer of the Port/Check post of exit from India.  He shall and obtain exit permit before departing from India and should surrender the same at check post or airport along with Residential Permit and Registration Certificate.  He should fill up the embarkation card before his departure and hand it over to the Immigration officer.

Loss of Passport

During visit to India whenever a foreigner loses his passport he should immediately report to the nearest Police Station giving details, such as Name, Passport No. Nationality, Visa validity etc. and obtain acknowledgement from the concerned Police Station.  He should also intimate the facts to the consulate General/Appropriate authority of his country in India and obtain a new Passport/Emergency Certificate.

Involvement in Criminal Cases

When a foreigner is involved in criminal case and is prosecuted, he is not allowed to leave India till the disposal of the case in the Court.  It is incumbent on the part of the foreigner to comply with the requirement of the registration rules 1992  which states that he should apply for extension of stay during the pendency of the trial of the case.

If a Foreigner is a victim of crime

If a foreigner is a victim of any crime he may approach the nearest Police Station for any help and lodge the complaint giving the details of the incident / loss of property etc.  The police will render all reasonable help to the victim besides investigating the case and bring the offender to books.

Death of a Foreigner in India
In case of death of a foreigner in India, the Foreigners Registration Officer should intimate to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the State Government within 48 hours of the death, the occurrence of the death, the place and course of the death along with the details of the Passport of the foreigner.  The relative's address if any available in the passport should also be conveyed by quickest means either by FAX or Teleprint Message.

The State Government should also send a report directly to the Consulate of the Country of origin of the deceased, having jurisdiction over the State, under intimation to the Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs and the Intelligence Bureau (Central Foreigners Bureau).  In Case such a consulate is not there, the report should by sent by the State Government to the Ministry of External Affairs, copies to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Intelligence Bureau.

The report that should be sent should contain the points as mentioned in the Annexure.  It should be ensured as mentioned in the Annexure. It should be ensured that post-mortem report and death certificate are sent along with the report.

Extension of Visa

Tourist visas are non-extendable. Therefore the tourist (foreigner) should leave India on or before the expiry of the validity of the visa. But, tourist visas having duration of 3 months are eligible for an extension of an additional 3 months by Foreigners Registration Officer, subject to the payment of the required fee. In emergency cases, over stay upto 90 days can be regularised by FRO or by State Government facilitating the foreigner to leave India.

Fee Structure regarding Foreigners Stay Extension

         Transit Visa valid for 15 days (Single / Double Entry) : US $10

         All kind of Visa Valid upto 3 months : US $40
(Multiple Entry)

         All kind of Visa valid upto 6 months including tourists/business:         US $40 (Multiple Entry)

         All kind of Visa over 6 months and upto one Year including tourists/business: US $ 65 (Multiple Entry)

         Student Visa for more than 1 Year and upto 5 Years(Multiple Entry) : US $ 75

         All visas with validity between one to five years (Multiple Entry) : US $130

For Pakistan R.P. extensions fees Rs. 270/- only

For Sri Lanka R.P. extension fees Rs. 135/- only (for Six months)

Following are the gratis countries with whom no visa fees regime exists:





         South Africa



         Slovak Republic




         Jamaica and


         Sri Lanka

Nationals of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives are covered under SAARC.

Procedure regarding foreigner's registration






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