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                           There are so many persons of Kapurthala district who have settled abroad permanently. During their frequent visit to motherland, most of them often face litigations or complaints in connection with their illegal house/land occupation by some other persons/their relatives. These NRIs very often end up being victims of crimes, especially in cheating and land grab cases. Cases of forced marriages, fraud marriage/second marriages, and illegal immigration rackets have also come to notice. NRIs at the same time have also been accused of committing offences, and the accusation has been found to be both genuine as well as malafide. Therefore, the needs of NRIs vis-à-vis Police, both as complaints as well as accused are different and require specialized handling.

                          It was, therefore, decided  to create a “Single–Window-Service System” at District Level for all matters of policing concerning NRIs as Victims of crimes & in certain cases as accused. The main objective is to facilitate the process of enquiry into complaints, registration of cases and their prompt and fair investigation. This is achieved today by establishing a Centrally Located N.R.I Police Station & providing an environment that promotes transparency and cuts red tape.  on 14th April 2008 this NRI police station in Kapurthala was inaugurated by Dr Upinderjit kaur, Cabinet Minister for Education and Vigilance.  Giving details of the functioning of this Police Station SSP Kapurthala Sh. Rakesh Agrawal IPS said that this Police Station will function with the concurrent jurisdiction over the whole District for registration of all FIRs filed or complaints from NRIs, to investigate all cases/complaints with NRIs as accused as referred to it, to provide a one point contact for NRIs for availing guidance & counseling in matters related to criminal & Civil-Crime Disputes.

This NRI Police station will handle the following matters: -

1)      All complaints concerning violation of a Criminal Law(s) where the complainant is Non Resident of Indian or People of Indian origin.

2)      All FIRs where the complainant is NRI shall be registered at this Police Station only & investigation be done by the specifically designated officers.

3)      In cases where the accused is NRI, the investigation can be transferred to this Police Station on the directions of the SSP of the District.

 SSP further added that Complaint can also be submitted by NRIs through email on or they can be registered on Kapurthala police website Phone number of this police station is 01822-220900 and 9815955823. Status of FIR/ Complaint can be known through email. Statement of witnesses can also be obtained through video conferencing if needed. CCTV cameras have been installed in this Police Station so that the senior police officers can view the functioning of this PS 24 hours.

 Senior Superintendent of Police || Responsibility of Officers || District Headquarters || Sub-Divisions & Police Stations || Police Line ||


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